Late Effects in 164 Patients With Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Bladder/Prostate Region: A Report From the International Workshop

Beverly Raney, James Anderson, Meriel Jenney, Carola Arndt, Ines Brecht, Modesto Carli, Gianni Bisogno, Odile Oberlin, Annie Rey, Jörn Treuner, Fred Ullrich, Michael Stevens

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Purpose: We determined the late sequelae in children and adolescents with rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder/prostate treated in the United States, Canada and selected Western European countries, primarily France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, from 1979 to 1998. Materials and Methods: We used a data collection form to record data from patient records available at the group statistical centers. Results: A total of 164 patient charts had sufficient data available to be included in the study. Median patient age at diagnosis was 2.4 years. Median length of followup was approximately 8 years (range 3 to 24). Of the patients with available data 78 did not undergo cystectomy, 49 underwent partial cystectomy and 34 underwent complete cystectomy. Urinary continence was assessed at age 6 years or older in 62 patients who did not undergo cystectomy. Of these patients 43 (69%) were continent, 16 had nocturnal incontinence and 9 had diurnal incontinence. Of 44 patients who underwent partial cystectomy and had pertinent followup data 32 (73%) were continent, and 12 had nocturnal and/or diurnal incontinence. Only 11 patients underwent urodynamic investigation. Other nephrourological complications consisted of 3 or more urinary tract infections in 29 of 53 patients, abnormal renal function in 19 of 48 (tubulopathy 14, increased creatinine/blood urea nitrogen 5), chronic hematuria in 13 of 51 and hydronephrosis in 8 of 54 with available data. Vesicoureteral reflux, urinary stones and bowel problems were infrequent. Conclusions: Of the patients 48% had a relatively intact bladder after biopsy only. However, 31% of patients 6 years or older had some urinary incontinence, as did 27% of patients who had undergone partial cystectomy. In addition, 55% of all patients had 3 or more urinary tract infections, 40% had decreased renal function and 25% had chronic hematuria. Other complications were present in 15% or less of the patients with available data.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2190-2195
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Urology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Nov 2006


  • bladder neoplasms
  • follow-up studies
  • pediatrics
  • prostatic neoplasms
  • rhabdomyosarcoma

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