ICONE: An International Consortium of Neuro Endovascular Centres

Jean Raymond, P. White, D. F. Kallmes, J. Spears, T. Marotta, D. Roy, F. Guilbert, A. Weill, T. Nguyen, A. J. Molyneux, H. Cloft, S. Cekirge, I. Saatci, S. Bracard, J. F. Meder, J. Moret, C. Cognard, A. I. Qureshi, A. S. Turk, A. Berenstein

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The proliferation of new endovascular devices and therapeutic strategies calls for a prudent and rational evaluation of their clinical benefit. This evaluation must be done in an effective manner and in collaboration with industry. Such research initiative requires organisational and methodological support to survive and thrive in a competitive environment. We propose the formation of an international consortium, an academic alliance committed to the pursuit of effective neurovascular therapies. Such a consortium would be dedicated to the design and execution of basic science, device development and clinical trials. The Consortium is owned and operated by its members. Members are international leaders in ineurointerventional research and clinical practice. The Consortium brings competency, knowledge, and expertise to industry as well as to its membership across a spectrum of research initiatives such as: expedited review of clinical trials, protocol development, surveys and systematic reviews; laboratory expertise and support for research design and grant applications to public agencies. Once objectives and protocols are approved, the Consortium provides a stable network of centers capable of timely realization of clinical trials or preclinical investigations in an optimal environment. The Consortium is a non-profit organization. The potential revenue generated from clientsponsored financial agreements will be re-directed to the academic and research objectives of the organization. The Consortium wishes to work in concert with industry, to support emerging trends in neurovascular therapeutic development. The Consortium is a realistic endeavour optimally structured to promote excellence through scientific appraisal of our treatments, and to accelerate technical progress while maximizing patients' safety and welfare.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)203-208
Number of pages6
JournalInterventional Neuroradiology
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2008

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