Functional connectivity in autosomal dominant and late-onset Alzheimer disease

Jewell B. Thomas, Matthew R. Brier, Randall J. Bateman, Abraham Z. Snyder, Tammie L. Benzinger, Chengjie Xiong, Marcus Raichle, David M. Holtzman, Reisa A. Sperling, Richard Mayeux, Bernardino Ghetti, John M. Ringman, Stephen Salloway, Eric McDade, Martin N. Rossor, Sebastien Ourselin, Peter R. Schofield, Colin L. Masters, Ralph N. Martins, Michael W. WeinerPaul M. Thompson, Nick C. Fox, Robert A. Koeppe, Clifford R. Jack, Chester A. Mathis, Angela Oliver, Tyler M. Blazey, Krista Moulder, Virginia Buckles, Russ Hornbeck, Jasmeer Chhatwal, Aaron P. Schultz, Alison M. Goate, Anne M. Fagan, Nigel J. Cairns, Daniel S. Marcus, John C. Morris, Beau M. Ances

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

56 Scopus citations


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Medicine and Dentistry