Focal calcifications in otherwise ultrasonographically normal ovaries

Kathleen R. Brandt, Amy S. Thurmond, Janice L. McCarthy

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PURPOSE: To analyze the natural history, clinical importance, and need for follow-up in patients with discrete calcifications in otherwise ultrasonographically (US) normal ovaries. MATERIALS AND METHODS: US scans obtained in 28 women with ovarian calcifications but without masses or other structural abnormalities were retrospectively reviewed. Follow-up findings were available in 15 women (mean age, 38.0 years; range, 26-72 years). RESULTS: Two of the 15 women had bilateral calcifications. Thus, 17 ovaries had focal calcifications. Histopathologic confirmation was obtained in 10 cases; follow-up US findings, five cases; and follow-up laparoscopic findings, two cases. In 13 (76%) of the 17 ovaries, calcifications were not clinically important. In four (24%) of the 17, the calcification was the initial or only manifestation of a neoplasm. Lesions were benign in all four of these ovaries: There was one dermoid, one mucinous cystadenoma, and two adenofibromas. CONCLUSION: Until more data are available, findings of calcifications in ovaries with otherwise normal US findings warrant some form of follow-up.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Feb 1996


  • Ovary, US
  • Ovary, calcification
  • Ovary, neoplasms

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