Deep mining heterogeneous networks of biomedical linked data to predict novel drug-target associations

Nansu Zong, Hyeoneui Kim, Victoria Ngo, Olivier Harismendy

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Motivation: A heterogeneous network topology possessing abundant interactions between biomedical entities has yet to be utilized in similarity-based methods for predicting drug-target associations based on the array of varying features of drugs and their targets. Deep learning reveals features of vertices of a large network that can be adapted in accommodating the similarity-based solutions to provide a flexible method of drug-target prediction. Results: We propose a similarity-based drug-target prediction method that enhances existing association discovery methods by using a topology-based similarity measure. DeepWalk, a deep learning method, is adopted in this study to calculate the similarities within Linked Tripartite Network (LTN), a heterogeneous network generated from biomedical linked datasets. This proposed method shows promising results for drug-target association prediction: 98.96% AUC ROC score with a 10-fold cross-validation and 99.25% AUC ROC score with a Monte Carlo crossvalidation with LTN. By utilizing DeepWalk, we demonstrate that: (i) this method outperforms other existing topology-based similarity computation methods, (ii) the performance is better for tripartite than with bipartite networks and (iii) the measure of similarity using network topology outperforms the ones derived from chemical structure (drugs) or genomic sequence (targets). Our proposed methodology proves to be capable of providing a promising solution for drug-target prediction based on topological similarity with a heterogeneous network, and may be readily re-purposed and adapted in the existing of similarity-based methodologies.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2337-2344
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Issue number15
StatePublished - Aug 1 2017

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