Construction of a consistent YAC contig for human chromosome region 3pl4.1

Walter Bardenheuer, Susanne Michaelis, Andreas Lux, Lydia Vieten, Frank Bröcker, Knut Jülicher, Christoph Willers, Reiner Siebert, David I. Smith, Annemarie H. Van Der Hout, Charles Buys, Jochen Schütte, Bertram Opalka

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Chromosomal deletions and translocations of human chromosome region 3pl4 are observed in various human malignancies and suggest the existence of a tumor suppressor gene locus within this region. Tumors most frequently affected by these aberrations are small-cell lung cancer and renal-cell carcinoma. In continuation of our previously published YAC contig of chromosome region 3pl4.2-pl4.3, we report here on the construction of a YAC contig of at least II Mb that consisted of 171 YACs and covers the entire subregion 3pl4.1. This contig includes the t(3;8) breakpoint of a hereditary renal-cell carcinoma localized in 3pl4.2 and extends into human chromosome region 3pl2-pl3. It defines the order of 34 DNA probes in relation to reference markers D3S6 and D3S30 as well as the human protein tyrosine phosphatase-γ gene. For 31 DNA probes we identified nonchimeric YACs by fluorescence in situ hybridization. The minimal tiling pathway consists of 16 yeast artificial chromosomes. As a prerequisite for identification of a putative tumor suppressor gene within this region, this contig renders human chromosome region 3pl4.1 accessible to gene isolation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)176-186
Number of pages11
JournalGenome Research
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1996

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