Cell proliferation of myeloma plasma cells: Comparison of the blood and marrow compartments

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The plasma cell labeling Index (PCLI), a measure of marrow plasma cells in S phase of the cell cycle, provides a good estimate of the proliferative capacity of the malignant clonal plasma cells. Multiple studies have also demonstrated its prognostic value in multiple myeloma (MM). Clonal plasma cells have been demonstrated in the peripheral blood of patients with multiple myeloma. The labeling index of these circulating cells can also be determined by a method similar to that employed for marrow plasma cells. The goal of this study was to compare the proliferation kinetics of plasma cells in the marrow to that in the circulation. The PCLI was estimated on peripheral blood (PBLI) and bone marrow aspirates (BMLI) using a slide-based bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) immunofluorescence microscopy technique. One hundred seventeen patients who had simultaneous estimation of the PBLI and BMLI and who had ≥90% of the blood clg+ cells identified as monoclonal plasma cells were studied. The PBLI was generally lower than the BMLI (median difference 0.4) and correlated with the BMLI (p = 0.491, P < 0.0001). Twenty-seven patients with PBLI higher than BMLI had a poorer prognosis, with median survival of 2 months from the time of the labeling index determination, compared to 12 months for the remaining 90 patients (P = 0.01). Myeloma plasma cells circulating in the peripheral blood are capable of proliferation, albeit at a slower rate compared to those in the marrow. These differences reflect a more favorable microenvironment in the marrow likely resulting from the differences in the cytokine levels and supporting stromal cells in the marrow.

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  • Circulating tumor cells
  • Labeling index
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Proliferation

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