APC/C - The master controller of origin licensing?

Umasundari Sivaprasad, Yuichi J. Machida, Anindya Dutta

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DNA replication must be tightly controlled to prevent initiation of a second round of replication until mitosis is complete. So far, components of the pre-replicative complex (Cdt1, Cdc6 and geminin) were considered key players in this regulation. In a new study, Machida and Dutta have shown that depletion of Emi1 caused cells to replicate their DNA more than once per cell cycle 1. This effect was dependent on the ability of Emi1 to inhibit the APC/C. In addition to its role in regulating entry into mitosis, oscillation of APC/C activity regulates pre-RC formation: high APC/C activity in late M/G1 allows pre-RC formation and low APC/C activity in S/G2 prevents pre-RC formation for a second time thereby preventing rereplication. Each redundant pathway to prevent rereplication is dependent on regulating one of the pre-RC components, and all of the pathways are co-regulated by Emi1 through the APC/C. In this commentary we discuss how this new role of Emi1 adds to our understanding of the regulation of replication initiation. We also review the literature to analyze whether APC/C has a role in regulating endoreduplication (a normal state of polyploidy in some differentiated cells). Similarly a role of premature APC/C activation in genomic instability of tumors is discussed.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalCell Division
StatePublished - Feb 23 2007

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