A comparison of mammography screen-film combinations

Beth A. Schueler, Joel E. Gray, John J. Gisvold

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A comparison study was performed to evaluate the image quality and radiation dose of six mammographic screen-film combinations: a Min-R screen with OM-1, SO-155, and SO-177 films (Eastman Kodak); a Min-R medium screen (Eastman Kodak) with OM-1 film; an HR Mammo medium screen (Fuji Medical Systems USA) with OM-1 film; and a Min-R fast screen with T-Mat M II film (Eastman Kodak). SO-177 films were processed with an extended cycle. Exposures of an acrylic test object with embedded masses, fibers, and specks and of a preserved breast specimen were made, for two paired image comparison tests in which the visibility of diagnostic features, contrast, and noise were judged. In most areas of image quality evaluated, a Min-R screen with OM-1, SO-155, and SO-177 films was superior. These three screen-film combinations had similar imaging characteristics, even though OM-1 film requires a higher radiation exposure. Images produced with a Min-R fast screen and T-Mat M II film were significantly lower in quality.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Sep 1992


  • Breast radiography, radiation dose, 00.11
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  • Radiography, comparative studies, 00.11
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