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PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACT The Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE (SPORE) is a dynamic, productive, translational cancer research program based at all three Mayo Clinic sites (Rochester MN, Jacksonville FL, Phoenix AZ), now with input from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario. From 2003-2013 we participated in the joint DFCI/Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE, and since 2015 in the Mayo Clinic Multiple Myeloma SPORE. At the center of the ongoing success of the SPORE is the collaborative interaction between investigators throughout the Mayo Foundation, as well as SPORE basic laboratory, translational and clinical investigators and patient advocates focused on MM. The overall goal of the SPORE is to support innovative, interactive, rigorous translational myeloma research that leverages the expertise of laboratory, translational and clinical expertise. Over the last funding period, the SPORE has been highly productive as demonstrated by identification of new tumor markers and prognostic indices that are being used clinically; scientific findings that led to innovative clinical trials both within and outside the SPORE; multiple publications with many authored by investigators from multiple sites; and brisk accrual to translational clinical trials. The SPORE was involved in multiple productive vertical and horizontal collaborations with other national and international academic institutions and organizations. For example, with leadership of clinical efforts in patient-focused clinical trials from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, International Myeloma Foundation, and MyelomaCrowd. The current proposal includes 3 major research projects. Two of the projects are new, based on research results obtained over the past funding period, while Project 1 is a continuation of efforts to investigate ways of modulating the immune micro-environment to improve the efficacy of oncolytic viral therapy in MM in a phase I clinical trial. Project 2 is an integrated multi-omic analysis of high-risk MM with associated clinical trial highly focused on identifying promising approaches in this group of patients that have not benefited from recent advances. Project 3 is investigating the genetic and microenvironmental mechanisms of progression of smoldering MM to MM to enable early detection of MM requiring treatment. The SPORE also includes Developmental Research and Career Enhancement Programs to pursue novel translational concepts in MM research and new investigators through the programs respectively. Finally, the SPORE will enhance the infrastructure that supports translational MM research through shared core resources in Administration, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, and Biospecimens & Clinical Database.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/24


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